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 Contact Us: 814-724-6006

MARC Community Garden

Our community garden is open to anyone who wants to learn how to grow food with others. Both seasoned gardeners and beginners can enjoy this space. Each season, we collectively grow food in a large shared space and share our harvest with anyone who helps us maintain the garden. We also rent out thirty-five 4'x8' plots in which people can grow their own food to take home.

Our mission: In our garden, we create a positive community space where we grow healthy food and friendships. We do this through learning, open communication, and caring for each other and nature.

Become a friend of the garden

Interested in being a part of the garden, but don't want to rent a plot? Friends of the Garden are committed volunteers that help plant, maintain and contribute to our gardens. Friends are required to make a donation (of their choice) to the gardens. 1 donation/household. Friends of the Garden get to harvest from the shared spaces.

Apply for a Volunteer Position
You could be....

Garden Committee Member

Garden Photographer

Teaching a Workshop


Weed eating

Planting, watering


Social Media

2nd Saturday and/or Farmer's Market

Staining, repairs

Cooking and Gardening Workshops

Summer cooking and gardening workshops are one way we learn together here at the garden. This summer, the novel coronavirus has changed the way we operate and the best way to stay up to date with garden happenings is by signing up for our weekly newsletter Email List and checking our garden FB page.
Rent a Plot

The MARC Community Garden rents out 4'x8' plots each season, including five wheelchair accessible, waist-high beds. We provide workshops and one-on-one support for new gardeners. Gardeners of all ages are welcome to garden with us.
The garden is committed to accessibility for all Meadville area residents. Volunteer hours can take a variety of forms and can be recorded on Meadville Time Trade.

$40 per bed

$30 + 1 volunteer hour

$20 + 2 volunteer hours

$10 + 3 volunteer hours

$10 for SNAP, WIC, Medical ACCESS or other government assistance programs


Become a friend of the MARC Garden

Are you interested in succession planting?

New for 2022, you can keep your plot year round for an additional cost of $20.00 (October thru April).  Email with your name and plot number, and pay at the MARC as you would in the spring, no form necessary. 

If you're new to succession or fall/winter gardening for late autumn, early spring harvest, please join us on September 14 at 6:30 pm when our head gardener, Robin Orttung, will  team up with Garrett from Fat Hawk Farm to host a workshop on winter gardening.  It's always fun to learn something new!

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