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 Contact Us: 814-724-6006

MARC Community Garden

At the MARC Community Garden, our goal is to create a positive space where we grow healthy food and friendships.

The garden is a place where anyone who wants to learn about growing food can do so with the help of others. Both seasoned gardeners and beginners can enjoy this space. Each season, we collectively grow food in a large shared space and share our harvest with anyone who helps us maintain the garden. We have thirty-five 4'x8' plots in which people can grow their own food to take home, in return for a donation.

Join Today!


Members of the MARC Community Garden can choose to reserve a plot in exchange for a donation. Friends of the garden work and share the produce from our shared spaces. We provide workshops and one-on-one support for new gardeners. Gardeners of all ages are welcome to garden with us.


Here you will find all the information that you need to participate:

         Greetings                                     Application                                     Calendar

See you at the Garden!

 Gardening Workshops

Gardening workshops are one way we learn together here at the garden.
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